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Thank you for stopping by. For over 19 years we have provided online anonymity and privacy services to the online community. You will not find fancy graphics, bells and whistles here. What you will find is a no nonsense and effective approach to protecting your online anonymity and offering real online privacy in virtually every protocol.

In January 1997 we began as an anonymous remailer which to this date is still one of our most popular features. We have grown over the years to meet our subscribers needs and are proud to answer only to our subscribers, not investors and shareholders.

Our services hide your real IP address. Your IP address is a unique identifier assigned to your device by your service provider. You can think of this unique identifier like a telephone number, unique only to you and traceable right back to your computer. We provide the tools for you to remain anonymous in many areas. Email, forums, discussion boards, web surfing, Usenet, and file sharing just to name a few. We even provide our subscribers anonymous web hosting and domain services. See all our privacy services.

We also provide real world anonymity. Secure disc and file encryption, anonymous texting, anonymous snail mail services and more.

We provide our subscribers with a dedicated, elite proxy that is second to none giving you a clean US IP address in both standard http as well as https secured (SSL) pages! You also have access to a fast and reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) to mask anything your computer does online and unlike many of our competitors, we never maintain logs.

Using our service will give you the edge in online anonymity and privacy. Completely avoid cyber stalkers, hackers, identity thieves and more. Safely surf online, anonymously without fear of being targeted. Safely surf knowing websites are not collecting data on your every move. Rest safe knowing that what you do online is not traceable back to you, your computer or even your real service provider.

Our service is reliable, easy to understand and use. We offer easy to follow, step by step instructions complete with screenshots of ALL popular operating systems and browsers. We offer prompt, courteous support 7 days a week. We have survived for over 19 years strictly on word of mouth and online anonymity & privacy services are ALL we provide.

Please take a look around and use the links to the right to see what we have to offer. Also note that we have always offered to full satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with our service, we will issue a prompt and FULL refund. Simply put, you have nothing to lose, and peace of mind to gain!!

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