Identity Theft - Avoiding it

With Identity Theft at an all time high, Identity protection has become increasingly important. The FTC estimates that over 10 million people in the US were victims of identity theft last year alone!  Fight back with Anonymity!

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Ultimate Privacy is a global leader in online privacy and anonymity. Our service was launched in January of 1997 and has become one of the largest privacy & anonymity providers in the world today.


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Your personal information can be stolen through online spying. In fact, 9 out of 10 computers are infected with spy ware, making it critical for people to use anti spy ware protection. While you are surfing the Internet, your surfing activity and your keystrokes can be monitored by spy ware. To prevent this kind of attack on your privacy, choose an anti spy ware solution that will provide identity protection. Ultimate Privacy enforces identity protection and gives you peace of mind when surfing the Internet in ALL protocols.

Ultimate Privacy is a leader in anonymous web surfing solutions and also offers anonymous email & usenet tools & Real world Anonymity. Like most people, you may not understand the importance of anti spy ware and anonymous surfing programs that protect your online identity. If you don't use an anonymous web surfing solution, your online activities can be tracked. With our anonymous surfing program, your web surfing is kept private and secure with anonymous proxy servers. Ultimate Anonymity private surfing  combines thousands of private anonymous proxy servers with 128-bit SSL technology, the most secure form of encryption available, to ensure the highest level of protection and anonymity. Anonymous Surfing also protects users against pharming and phishing scams. You can see HERE some of the information your computer gives up to websites you visit.

When you use Ultimate Anonymity anonymous proxy network, your web activity and anonymity are secured. Our Anonymous Surfing program utilizes anonymous proxy servers, which hide your online identity, IP address, web sites you visit, and any other information you transmit. Ultimate Privacy's anti spy ware solution and Anonymous Surfing start automatically when you start up your PC, run silently in the background, and do not slow down your Internet connection.

If you're uploading personal information or pictures, utilizing a strong cloud security package is crucial in keeping that data safe, as it now exists on a remote server.

The first step to beating online identity theft is to not being seen by the sites and networks you visit. If they are unable to see you, they cannot become you!

We also provide disposable anonymous email addresses (NYMS), file shredding and file hiding solutions. Encrypted files and folders, encrypted private chat and file sharing software. Complete online anonymity and privacy tools not found anywhere else. To find out more, click Products below to get all the details and take back your privacy today! Complete Anonymity that works!

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