Free, Totally Anonymous Full Feature Web Hosting!

Setup your own website anonymously. Available to our subscribers at no added cost. Free anonymous hosting of your website. No banners, no ads, just free reliable, full featured anonymous web hosting.

You can bring your own domain or we can anonymously purchase and register a new domain for you ($19.95 per year). See Anonymous Domain Registration Services

Please note that we do NOT allow ANY adult oriented material on our US server or anything that may be deemed inappropriate OR illegal. We do not allow any Distributing of hate speech, or any other content that is obscene, abusing, which could be considered libelous and defamatory. Nor do we allow for any type of pyramid schemes or any other type of questionable get rich quick schemes or any type of file sharing warehouse. This service is intended for personal or corporate websites that want to maintain a presence on the world wide web anonymously and affordably.

Many companies charge $5.95 per month or more just for this service alone. Anonymous AD FREE Web Hosting does not get any easier and is provided free to our subscribers.

This is a FULL FEATURED website hosting package. You get a control panel (cpanel), FTP access, email accounts, forwarders (, Multiple domains, PHP, MySQL, Perl and a whole lot more at ZERO cost! We maintain our own hosting and DNS servers.

NOTE:  A valid & active subscription is required. If you let your subscription expire, your hosting account will also expire at the same time. Does not apply to lifetime subscriptions as they do not expire.

We offer both US based and Panama offshore hosting servers. Your choice.

Additionally, you may quickly setup sub domain hosting under our server if desired at NO COST ( We offer several domains (both US and offshore) that you can setup sub domain hosting under.




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