Anonymous Pre-Paid debit cards!

Starting in April 2015 we will no longer offer prepaid cards.  Due to the fact that you can literally buy them anywhere now, and that sales of prepaid cards has dropped considerably, we will no longer be offering this service.

You can literally walk into any major retail store now and pay cash for a prepaid visa or mastercard leaving no paper trail. It would appear that more and more online merchants are starting to refuse to accept prepaid cards. It is important to get a card that will allow you to register it using a name and full street address which will allow it to be used with address verification service (AVS). AVS will compare the street number and zip code you provide with whats on file at the cards issuing bank. This supposedly cuts down on fraudulent use. Prepaid cards that do not allow you to set them up with a name and address will not work with AVS thus resulting in declines most of the time.




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